xcoastie servicesProduct Development + Beta Testing
Want to get a good sense of how consumers will respond to your product? Want to better understand how it will perform in the real world and outside of your own testing lab? I provide impartial input and testing that delivers critical, relevant user feedback that only hands on, knowledgeable experience can generate.

Design Enhancements + Improvements
Have an existing product that you’re looking to improve? I can provide important, critical feedback along with design suggestions on how to improve your existing product and take it to the next level. Consumers demand a lot from their gear and they expect your product to perform under difficult and sometimes life saving situations. Let’s make sure your product is the best one in the market.

New Product Services
Looking to bring a new product to market? I can assist with matching product capabilities to market needs, creating clear product positioning and brand messaging, as well as developing clear launch goals and priming consumer demand through social media channels. Launching anything new is difficult enough, why not have an experienced guide help you navigate the often tricky road to market?

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